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In the festive spotlight, they take the lead in setting Christmas trends and exude an effortless style that captures the magic of the season. Their impeccable taste and unique flair make them the admired trendsetter, inspiring others with their fashion-forward choices during this joyous time of year.

Using jewellery as a powerful tool to elevate their overall festive style, Lucy’s designs become the ultimate trend accessory, often gracing the festive ensembles of the most talked-about Christmas celebrities. Lucy’s design style, forward-thinking and ahead of the festive trend, aligns perfectly with their own festive spirit. To ensure they stay Christmas fashion-savvy, we recommend exploring some of our trendiest collections, including Hula, Shard, and Skinny Drip, to add a touch of festive glamour to their ensemble.

 Trendy Celebs who wear Lucy Quartermaine include…

Olivia Neil

Jessica Wright

Alesha Dixon

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