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They are undeniably individuals who gravitate towards the unconventional, whether in style or personality, embracing the festive season with a passion for being the life and soul of the Christmas party, always opting for the unusual! Their festive imagination and creativity define their unique style, making them the outstanding individuals they are during this special time of year.

Lucy Quartermaine herself embodies eccentricity in her festive jewellery designs, relishing in creating that enchanting 'wow factor' in the Christmas fashion scene. Many of Lucy's designs, bold, unique, and eye-catching, offer a wide array of choices that perfectly align with their festive personality. For example, EVERYTHING in the Unique range, especially the Armour Rings and large statement necklaces that Lucy is renowned for, is an ideal fit for their vibrant festive spirit!

Eccentric Celebs who wear Lucy Quartermaine include…

Alesha Dixon

Fleur East

Ella Henderson

Our  Eccentric Pieces

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